Thursday, 4 February 2010

Student Life

Thought I'd write something about my time here at University. For those of you that don't know, I'm studying at DeMontfort on a (BSc) Media Production course (yes, it does exist). I'm 19 weeks in now and everything's going pretty well.
During this time I have:

-Created a website in html using JPad Pro.
(It's basic, but it worked well enough.)

-Created a photomontage with Adobe Photoshop.
(Always been more of a Paint Shop Pro person, to be honest.)

-Learned Animation using Adobe Director.
(Still need to create a final though.)

-Learned to use Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing.
(Sensing an Adobe theme here...)

-Built a Radio
(What a useful skill, eh?)

-Learned that calculators have buttons on them.
(Thanks Captain Obvious... Erm... "Mike Howkins"...)

Some of the lectures are dire (here's looking at you, Tech Fundamentals) but others aren't so bad, and the lab sessions are always useful. Most of the work is done in my room, which has to fight for my attention between the Xbox, Parties and Clubs. It always gets done, though I have no idea how.
Out of tuition life couldn't get much better; cheap drinks, plenty to do and extreme chairing!

Anyway, I should bring this entry to a close. So, without further ado I present the second comic strip. Sorry it's a bit small, you can view it in full by clicking it.

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