Friday, 26 February 2010

TLDR: I'm Back!

I have returned! *Cue celebratory music*
It's been a while, I've been a little pre-occiped setting up the new PC (which incidently is so big it could eat my old one).

Back at University I've been keeping busy. Yesterday I walked into Uni wearing a full suit. This wasn't a random (and very nearly brilliant) decision though, I was becoming a fake news anchor for the afteroon as part of our News Report spoof. It went pretty well, I had my fair share of inability to read lines and there was a good dose of corpsing too. Themes of the afternoon included carnivorous lobsters, escaped lunatics and horse love. So a usual day at University it seems.

In animation we've been writing a storyboard and script for our mock fairytale trailer: "Lil' Red Riding Hoodie". It's planned out now, so all that remains is recording the lines, drawing the scenes/characters and then animating it together. Is this a good time to mention that I've been cast as the voice of Wolf from Gladiators? Yep, that'll be interesting...

I spent last Sunday at a heavy metal concert with some friends, which was a really enjoyable experience. The line-up was "Man must Die", "Bleeding Through" and "Hatebreed" with "Machine Head" headlining. While I don't typically listen to much heavy music (I'm more into Rock) I quite liked the first two acts. The third act; Hatebreed were awful though (despite getting the "best" crowd reaction of the three). One of the reasons I went was to hear Halo performed live by Machine Head, it being my favourite reasonably heavy track. Unfortunately I missed it as we had to catch the last train home. Maybe next time, eh?
You can find the pictures HERE.

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