Friday, 30 April 2010

It's official, I'm finished for the year!
Lectures are over and the only dark cloud looming over my near future is the final exam on the 18th of May. Still, I have approximately 432 hours until then so everything's looking good.

I had a great time over Easter Break, spent with my family and friends. My personal highlights were the Easter Party and a week spent Skiing in Andorra.

Skiing again was brilliant, managed to pick it up again within just a few hours. The first run's always a little daunting, but within minutes you'll be hurtling down the mountain with carefree abandon with a compulsory "Wheeeeeeeeeee!" sound.

As you can see below, there was plenty of snow which lasted throughout the week.

The apartment was much better than we all expected, with a massive amount of living space and a great view of the mountains:

And to top it off, bottles of wine for under £1!

While skiing I decided to do a bit of filming for the blog, so I grabbed the camera and recorded a full run from a first-person perspective. Unfortunately there's littl sense of speed because of the lack of detail in the snow as it moves past, but at some points the camera is moving *pretty* fast.

After getting back from Andorra I had plenty of animation work to do with Redders and Rachel. We headed back a bit early to work through the weekend on it, tirelessly animating our project. A few days (and sleepless nights) later we presented our work to the world, which went pretty well almost grabbing the elusive first.

The next panic after that deadline was the Technology exam the following week. I don't yet have the marks back, but I have a good feeling I've passed. *Crosses fingers*

To close the academic year, we had a rather interesting lecture. It was comprised of German Television, Prog Rock and our very own "TECHS-Factor" (which was as wonderfully cheesey as it sounds). It involved getting up in front of the lecture theater, logging into your chosen online instrument (eg: iNudge or Pianographique) and pumping out some "kickin' chunes" in a bid to win some booze. It was all worth it to watch our tutor Andrew Clay bob his have and have a mini-rave to the techno music on offer.

I had hoped by this point to have had my Music Video ("Watch Over You" by "Alter Bridge") and Creative Video ("How To Film Your Creative Video") uploaded to share, but it's been a nightmare. Google Videos is no longer taking uploads, YouTube flashes up errors with every attempt, Facebook gives up half way through each try and they're too big to upload to Vimeo. I really am stuck for ideas, so if you know an alternative please let me know!

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