Monday, 24 May 2010

It's Alive! IT'S ALIVE!!!

Yesterday I decided to set myself a challenge.
I decided I would try and learn a whole new development program and create a game... In 24 hours.
This was chaos, but eventually I provailed and "STUBBS: Super Tremendous Ultra Ball Blaster Supreme" (I know, catchy title) was born.

STUBBS is a tribute to Pong, with two paddles rebounding a ball between each other. The difference is that it has been recreated in 3D with a complete visual overhaul. Expect sun flares, particle emitters and motion physics galore.

STUBBS began life as a couple of 3D blocks sitting happily their axis...

And then came the lighting and particle effects.

Eventually, the effects became more and more advanced. Texture maps, a lighting halo, an ocean and a skybox were added:

Then game ironing out the bugs and making general improvements. The paddles became more capsule-shaped and the ball bounced much more realistically. At this point I also toyed with adding physics objects to the mix, adding five small towers that could be knocked down by the ball. However this had to be removed because the fallen debris altered the bounce of the ball too drastically. The example below shows the towers falling after being hit:

Eventually I settled with a simple 3D pong game I'm happy to say I made in under 24 hours. I have approximately 6 hours left as I write this; MISSION SUCCESSFUL

If you want to download STUBBS, you can find it here:

Just unzip and run STUBBS.exe

"Ever notice how freeform sandbox games never quite deliver everything they promise...?"

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