Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Student Advice

While at University last year I began writing a series of daily updates based on advice for students. This went on for just over a week, totalling nine updates. I thought the blog could use an update so I've uploaded them here for anybody that might enjoy them:

Mix energy drinks in your coffee, show your body clock who's boss!

Recycle! Collect your empty bottles, fill them with varying amount of water then learn to play the Mario themetune on them. Internet stardom awaits!

Week-old Pizza is still good, providing the mould is replaced with more cheese.

If it's light outside it's time to sleep.

Bins must never be taken out unless stacked at least 15 inches above the rim.

Deadlines don't exist until one day before they're due.

"My dog ate my work" is no longer a valid excuse, instead opt for "My roommate burnt it".

Fire alarms are 99% false, the one's that are real are due to late-night drunken cooking.

Wikipedia forms at least 90% of all research done by a first year student.

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